L-Partnership Program

This program is aimed at facilitating indie game developers and game industry venturers,


L&L Technology believes in the value of collaboration, this program is set out to share our core capabilities in the field of game development using L&L Technology's rich development experience in gaming, and IT technology scene, we believe gaming industry needs diversity in creativity more than ever, and the technical hurdle presents a severe obstacle for most of the population, and disabled their potentially brilliant idea to be brought to life.

Your Development Hurdles

Our Technical Expertise

Contractual Guarantee & Risk sharing scheme

Our expertise

3D Arts Production

Game, educational application and other interactive media development

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Software & Hardware Integration

Your Inquiries May Be

Re-imagine your Project

Do you have a existing project or business that is in thirst to integrate new ideas and technologies?


L&L Technology can assist you in re-imagining your project's full potential, integrating with cutting edge VR technologies, interactivity and AI software modules.

Technical advisory

If you have a game idea and is at an early stage development stage facing significant technical difficulty and uncertainty.


L&L Technology can become your best technical adviser, with our dev team's rich software development background, we will assist you in all technical field of game software development

Solution seeking

With many years of game and software development behind our backs, our dev team are extremely experienced when it comes to design an actionable and tangible development plan and schedule


If you're in the process of thinking through a development plan, or software design. L&L Technology can assist you using our rich experience in the field

Development acceleration

If your project is burdened with unbearable workload, L&L Technology can potentially collaborate to share your burden through carefully segmenting the development blocks and sourcing your work.

Forms of partnership

Out of the box Solution

We provide one-stop solution to our partners who have a readily defined problem

Game Project Collaboration

L&L Technology is keen to collaborate with any potential partners in regards to game projects whether its arcade related or theme park related

Ideas Incubation

We embrace small developers and or game fanatics with brilliant ideas and passion, and we seek to empower those idea to fruition by often support them with our in-house dev team's help.