pro table-tennis vr

Pro table tennis VR features a story driven table tennis experience that has a focus on single player campaign, progressive daily achievements and quests.


Online multiplayer is also there for players who want to challenge their families or friends.

virtual fighting championship

Street Fighter / Mortal Kombat inspired fighting game In #R


Your body is your controller and fight as you would in real life!


VFC allows player to fight another player across the world inside our virtual arena.

more vr fitness titles in development

L&L Technology is developing more VR sports games. Expect more VR sporting games from us!


To know what we are up to, follow our lead developer's personal twitter!



Are you a game developer that is interested in developing a VR sport and fitness game but don't quite have the time or resources to do it alone? We offer basic contract based payment package + revenue share on the project.


WE WANT TO TALK TO YOU! (About potentially work together on  a VR sports project)
If you are interested please Email us at contact@lnlntechnology.com


L&L Studio is a game development studio based in Australia, Melbourne.

We are a small but very experienced team currently working on VR projects for both the consumer market and the business clients.


Some of our works even involves training real astronauts! Also recently our work has been used in diplomatic events between nations!

Our lead developer is a full-stack software engineer with 10+ years of game development experience. Our team is extremely passionate about applying VR/AR towards sports usage, and this is our area of specialization.


With a vision that VR is part of the future of our everyday lifestyle. Our mission is to create something that 'sticks', where a lifestyle of fitness and health is no longer something that demands discipline and determination, it is just... FUN!